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Frequently Asked Questions

How long have these induction heaters been around?

We have been selling the induction heating equipment for almost ten years.

Is the United States the only country where the induction heaters are in use?

No. Besides being increasingly popular in the United States they are also used in Canada, Europe,  Latin America, Africa, and Asia.

In what industries are these induction heaters being used?

They are currently being used in vessel manufacturing, bolt manufacturing for the aerospace industry, fruit and vegetable juice extractors manufacturing, spa heaters fabrication, motor rebuilding and repair, automotive, solenoids assembly, diamond wheels fabrication and others.

What are the applications that the machines can be used for?

They are general brazing, heat treating, annealing, hot forging, hot thread rolling, burning old insulation off of large motor shafts, brazing of diamond segments onto cutting wheels, pre-heating and post-heating for large tanks and many others.

What are the advantages of Superior Induction heaters over tube-type ones?

The first advantage is power consumption which means lower electric bills. Tube-type machines are 40 percent efficient meaning that for every watt generated requires 2.5 volt-amps of power input. Whereas our solid-state induction heaters are at least twice as efficient. The second advantage is size: our machines are tremendously smaller than the tube-type ones, even much smaller than other solid-state competitors. The third advantage is the amount of water cooling needed. Because our induction heaters do not have oscillator tubes to cool, the water requirements could be up to 1/10 that of its tube-type cousins.

Are Superior Induction heaters safer than the tube-types?

Absolutely yes! Oscillator tube induction heaters require thousands of volts in the DC supply section to power the oscillator and tank circuits in order to produce the high frequency needed to get the job done. Our machines are the exact opposite.

How do we know what model of Superior Induction heater should be used?

It's very simple. You explain to us by telephone or email what the application will be used for and what the parameters will be (type of metal to be heated, the time it should take, what type of coil to be used, etc.). Our sales engineer will then recommend the correct machine and may possibly request a sample of what you want to heat up if there is any question. But most of the time the correct matching of the machine to the part can be done over the telephone.

Do you make and design inductor work coils?

Yes we do. We have an expert coil designer who can design and manufacture a perfect coil for your application.

What is the warranty on the machines?

One year parts and labor

What kind of payment do you accept?

Business check, cashier's check, electronic transfer, or credit card

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